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To remove systemic barriers to inclusion in all sectors of our society,
​and to take meaningful action towards discrimination, by learning together to build a respectful, inclusive, and safe North Bay community


By 2030, North Bay will be a community where everyone actively shares responsibility for removing barriers to equity and inclusion for all; where every individual has the opportunity to equally contribute to, and benefit from, the economic, political, social and cultural life of our community

Making our community one where everyone feels that sense of belonging.

History & Goals

A book club studying a manual on racism has evolved into an action group putting forward a request to North Bay City Council.

Some social categories experiencing marginalization in our community are: Indigenous, Immigrant, Age, Income level, Criminal background, Physical/Mental ability, Gender, and perceived race.

“The rash of recent incidents of racial conflict across North America — including disturbing examples of police violence against Black and Indigenous peoples — has raised the profile of a problem that has always existed. Racist speech and actions exist everywhere, and North Bay might not be any worse than any other community, but neither is it any better,” says the group’s chairperson, teacher Heidi Buck.

“The fact that over 2,000 people participated in a Black Lives Matter march in North Bay on June 6 in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions is evidence that members of this community are concerned about these issues and expect to see community leadership.”

Group member Gemma Victor said “ systemic discrimination is found in institutional policies and practices at all levels and by using an inclusive lens, organizations can ask who benefits from these policies and practices and who is persistently facing barriers as a result of them?”

Equity and Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility and as a community we need to work harder at making our community one where everyone feels that sense of belonging.

Equity Inclusion North Bay recognizes that their community sits on the traditional territory of Anishinabek peoples, and that Indigenous residents make substantial contributions to the quality of life in North Bay.

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Paving the Way for Human Dignity – A Case for Equity and Inclusion

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